1) First of all, my gratitude to the people, usually invisible for the hikers, who contribute to the huge task of maintaining the trail;
2) Daring thanks to my personal angels: my friends in L.A. and Seattle, my parents and my wife who supported me in many extraordinary ways;
3) I feel fortunate for the generosity of Trail Angels as well as others who didn't know they were angels: Coppertone (San Gorgonio Pass), Legend (Whitewater Preserve), Brenda (Angeles Crest Highway), Donna and her assistants at the Hiker Heaven (Agua Dulce), Maggie near Walker Pass and the volunteers at the Carson Pass station (the postcards they both sent were received with a lot of emotion), the kind family who drove me from Sonora Pass to the Topaz Lake Casino and invited me for dinner, Sarah (Burney), Robby and Puzzler (McLoud River), Stan and his wife (Dunsmuir), Ned (Olalie Lake), Gary (Trout Lake), Ashley (Seattle) and many others I can't name;
4) I am also grateful to my fellow hikers, for all the information and the good moments shared along the trail;
5) Thanks to my walking companions at the beginning and the end of this big walk, for adapting themselves to my demanding project and sharing the experience; I hope you're ready to repeat!
6) I enjoyed all the messages I've received through this blog or by e-mail, because they helped me to feel less alone;
7) Excess of snow or bugs, difficult fords, tendinitis, exhaustion, discouragement: nothing stopped my body from walking, so I feel fortunate and grateful for all that life has given to me!