Hi! This presentation is intended for the people I've met on the PCT (hikers, Trail Angels, drivers etc.) and who, after asking me if I maintained a blog, seemed disappointed when I answered that it was written in French.

I live and work in Paris, where I'm trying to promote walking in the city and the metropolitan area.

Since 1979, I've made a lot of backpacking hikes

  • in Europe: Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia), Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada de Andalucia, Madeira, Scotland, Lapland;
  • in the Americas: Canada (Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia), USA (PCT), Mexico (SIerra Tarahumara), Peru (Cordillera Blanca), Chile (Patagonia), Argentina (Aconcagua)...

I hope the english-speaking readers could enjoy at least the pictures in my blog. Come back to check if were published the MMMs (Most Memorable Moments) I would like to write in english when I will have the time!